Do you want to know what investors think about your startup and how to improve it?
The 22 of August
Podebradska 55
Prague, Czech Republic

Do you want to know what investors think about your startup and how to improve it?
The 22 of August
Podebradska 55
Prague, Czech Republic

RAW started like an angel group investment meeting in Silicon Valley (Sand Hill Angels group). You pitch and then Sand Hill Angels members and friends, who are experienced investors as well as successful entrepreneurs, ask questions about what you presented.

Best projects will be chosen for the pitch session with a chance to raise investments.
The RAW difference is that you hear that discussion. Moreover, you get to watch other startups go through the same process; that would be illegal at an investment meeting.
At an investment meeting, you would then leave the room while investors discuss what you need to succeed, such as whether you are building the right product, have a good monetization and customer acquisition strategy, are likely to raise enough money, and so on, before deciding whether to invest.
RAW format is: 5+5+5
1. Five of the presentation

It's some kind of "elevator pitch", but you have to present your project without any slides. Imagine that you meet an investor in restaurant and he gave you 5 minutes during he finishes his cup of coffee.
2. Five minute of Q&A

Not only panelists can ask questions - we are very thankful when spectators are so attentive that can ask a question.
3. Five minute of no-rebuttal feedback
The feedback part is the key attraction of RAW. Presenters want to know what they should do the next few months to build a great business. We want everyone, panelist or not, to provide written feedback to all of the entrepreneurs.
Jury members
International Financier with a focus on Alternative Energy & Clean Technology - have been involved in these industry sectors since 1990, providing advisement, consulting, financing and banking services to companies, both privately held and publicly listed. Have created and chaired or operated several privately held companies in these sectors and numerous non-governmental organizations in New York, Washington, D.C., and Prague, CZ.
Specialties: Advisement to and financing for enterprises and projects in the Alternative Energy & Clean Technology sectors on an international basis.
Ira S Rubenstein
Product Development and Engineering Leader, Angel Investor, Conference Speaker
Enterprise application specialist with wide experience in leadership and management of all aspects of software development life cycle across the technology organization: Software Engineering, Quality Assurance and Cloud operations.
Specialties: Setup and refactoring of software development teams. Enterprise software design. High availability applications. Technology due diligence and evaluation. SaaS - software as a service.
Leonid Igolnik
International businessman

Founder and CEO at Ritchy Group.
It was founded in 2009 and has an international team of over 200 experts based around the world. Ritchy has 2 production facilities and 4 distribution centers. Ritchy products are sold and loved in over 85 countries.
Andrey Subbotin
Director, Commercial Sales, Central and Eastern Europe at IBM
Antonio Nasuto
Fee and Application
Application fee for projects is 100 CZK.
You need to apply to be able to pitch.
Within one day after the application you will receive a confirmation email if you are admitted. To be officially registered as a participant, you have to send a short (2 sentances) description of your project in the application form . A maximum of 6 participants will be accepted.
June 2017
We've already done an international startup competition in Prague
Microsoft and CSOB bank like partners, Credo Ventures and Startup Yard in a jury, EY was a moderator of the panel discussion, 130 attendees, 9 best startups in Czech Republic
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If you need to get in touch with us, send a note to info@smartcoworking.cz or follow us on facebook for more updates and details.
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